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Making Memories

I am sure I am not the only parent to worry that their angel babies will be forgotten.  No one knows them, their attitudes or personalities, no one knows what they look like... I believe it was one of the hardest parts of the situation. 


I compiled a few ways, either obscure or not, to create memories of these sweet babies we will NEVER FORGET.

Brochures are available regarding this topic. Email and one can be mailed to out to you.

DIY Ideas

  • Morse Code Bracelets- These bracelets spell out the angel's name in Morse Code with long and short beads.  A mother can wear the bracelet and know what it means in her heart.  For children who were lost before a name or gender was known, one can spell out LOVE or a nickname.

  • You can also use sites like or to make a customized book.  You can make a book about the life of your angel or one for other siblings like My Big Sister Lives with Jesus to explain to small children.










  • Modge Podge a picture on a wooden block


  • *Keep a JOURNAL

  • *Make a SLIDESHOW

  • *Plant a GARDEN

  • *Get a Personalized License Plate

International Holidays

  • August 19th- Day of Hope

  • Sunday before Mother's Day- International Bereaved Mother's Day

  • October 15th- Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Carly Marie

  • Names written in the Australian Beach sand

  • Prayer Flag Project

Bereaved Parents

Molly Bears-

Weighted teddy bears

Maura's Mission-

Baby Loss Memorial Blocks









Fadeless Memories-

Photos carved into acrylic

A Heart to Hold-

Weighted handmade hearts

Baby Books

Available to Buy

  • *Treasured in our Hearts- Rebecca Niestath

  • *In the Company of Angels- Casey Press


Both available on


  • Origami Owl Necklaces- Living Lockets

  • Willow Tree Angel Collection

  • Personalized Ornaments-

  • Hand Stamped Rings- Etsy shop Cinnamon Sticks

  • Merry Christmas from Heaven Ornament-

  • Personalized Dog Tags-

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